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1799. Mr Michael Kan Yuet Yun

Dear Friend,
This email is from Mr Michael Kan Yuet Yun,Non-Executive Chairman and
 Independent Director of UNZA Group of companies,which has its central
 base or Head Office in Singapore. UNZA is South East Asia's leading
 independent manufacturer and marketer of personal care products, bringing
 Asian focused brands to millions of Asian consumers.
Strong Brand Portfolio
UNZA has built a portfolio of 48 brands supporting over 275 products in
 1500 packaging formats that are sold in over 38 countries. This
 portfolio includes established, developing and newly launched brands each
 carefully addressing specific consumer needs.
Experienced Management
Unza Group of Companies is one of the largest independent marketers of
 personal care, toiletries and cosmetics products in South East Asia.
 UNZA h as bec ome the leading independent manufacturer and marketer of
 personal care and household products in South East Asia due to the
 consistent vision of the management team. This experienced team, based in the
 region, continues to be committed to the growth of UNZA and its brand
These products are sold through an estimated 58,000 retail outlets in
 South East Asia and Greater China. Outside of these core markets, UNZA
 exports products to third-party importers and distributors, principally
 in the Indian Sub-continent, the Middle East and Africa.Driven by our
 effective research and development and high-energised marketing
 strategies, we have made our products as a household names in Malaysia, Brunei,
 Hong Kong, China and Indochina.
Due to high success rates and achievement within a stipulated period,we
 intend expanding the regions we have covered by opening more RETAIL
 the UNITED STATES AND CANADA.Note that fact that despite the Nothern
 America market is new for us we already have regular clients also speaks
 for itself.
If you are indeed intrested pursuing any of the positions listed above
 in your region or locality,I would kindly want to STATE THE POSITION
 YOU FEEL MORE CAPABLE OF FILLING,and you are expected to send us your
 resume via email along with it, or the following information below as soon
 as possible
1 Full Name
2 Contact Address
3 Home Phone,Office,Mobile and Fax
4 Present Occupation And Position held.
Thanks for your time in reading through this email.We await your swift
Yours Sincerely,
Mr Michael Kan Yuet Yun
Non-Executive Chairman
Unza Group of Companies

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