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1816. Alhaji Musa Al Amino
Subject: From Office Of Comptroller of Currency

From Office Of Comptroller of Currency
Administration of National Banks
Ref: OCC/US.GOVT/PMT080103
Direct Tele/fax Nos:+234-9-4723225


Let me start by rendering my sincere apologies over the inconsistency portrayed by my predecessors and officials regarding your payment long over due., I have been conversant with your agonies over the past years of not being able to receive your entitlement owed you by this great country.It will not be out of place to say that most of these problems you may have faced was caused by us, not being able to stand firm to the truth and uphold the legacy our key positions demands from us all. As a civil servant and renowned banker I have prayed earnestly that my silent understudy of your problems would be properly addressed with your cooperation I would say my prayers have been answered, because I am now in position to steer the wheels in the right direction upon my appointment as the new Comptroller of Currency.

There are certain variables that demand the need for prepayment of charges, which has been paramount to your many problems over the years of not being paid these variables are not far from the cause being corruption. Corruption has been the primary variable that has acted as a deterrent to your getting your payments made to you and also our system of operations here in the country are not up to date with accountability and accessible information. Making it cumbersome for someone to work efficiently and deliver good results. Problems encountered can not be solved since there is no referral to go back to due to the unavailability of sound and working computing system in the Civil service, all these can be attributed to corruption. Once again my sincere apologies for your pains and anguish and commend your patience for sticking with us over the years.

Presently,A programmed was introduced by African Continents via African Union(AU) supervision for payment and settlement of their Foreign Contractors/Beneficiaries as most of their foreign contractors/ beneficiaries are suffering untold hardship to get their funds in their respective countries hence this scheme was introduced, On that effect your fund had been scheduled to be wiring to your account as you shall provide within next 24 hours as soon as matters were been cleared / regularized

Our predicament to ensure customers around the globe experience business as usual, as Administrator of the National Bank, we understand the enormous effort our customers have encountered and we have develop the appropriate framework for implementation, executive oversight, and resource management to help ensure The Comptroller of currency's readiness to offset international payment.

The Comptroller of Currency remains committed to our financial principles. We hope you will benefit from our team of experts, while assuring you the best of our services at all times. For further information, fill free to contact us through our e-mail to

We also wish to notify you to this urgent circular to inform you that your funds has been approved for immediate release to you.For the purpose of more clarification,you are hereby advised to reconfirm as below stated.

(1)Your Full Names
(2)Your Direct Telephone Numbers
(3)Your Physical Address with Zip Code
4) Full Bank Address

So that there will be no error during the final endorsment of the funds to the destination.

Yours faithfully,

Alhaji Musa Al Amino
Comptroller of Currency

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