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1849. Harvey Investment Company
Subject: Our Company Has Announced Additional Openings For New Employees. [letter id: tc8931600235qt]

Join Harvey Investment Company team. Our customized employment solutions and personalized approach give job seekers access to great opportunities with competitive salaries. Our company offers comprehensive benefits that allow making good money, without spending too much time for that. Don't put your career in the hands of just anyone; put it in the hands of a specialist. Launch or rejuvenate your career today with Harvey Investment Company and its subsidiaries are equal opportunity employers.

Today we are looking for customer service associates who share our command spirit and are looking to land an outstanding position with a company who has consistently been recognized on the national level for their work in the investment and securities area. We work tirelessly to build solid relationships with well-recognized organizations across the nation to learn about projects and opportunities.

Take a look at the job responsibilities and qualifications below and if you think you would be an asset to the team, we invite you to apply for the position.

Customer service associate is responsible for being in close touch with the staff from the head office, accepting customer payments to his bank account and making further calculations regarding them. The associate should deduct his 10% interest out of every transaction he is going to deal with, as well as all the related charges. The associate further makes a Western Union/MoneyGram transfer of the balance left to the company's regional department.

A position requires excellent customer service skills, employee's ability to manage time and accomplish duties with a minimum of supervision. Ideal candidate should possess 1-2 free hours a day, a bank account, available to be used for the company needs, should be outgoing, dedicated to meeting deadlines and objectives and able to follow procedures.

Whether you're interested in short-term temporary work or full-time permanent hire, we are confident that we have the right job for you. Apply today and let Harvey Investment Company help you realize your true potential.

For further, more detailed information, please visit our web site

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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0x56, 0x177, 0x481, 0x9, 0x34022374, 0x060, 0x64, 0x5770, 0x31, 0x0691, 0x8, 0x73, 0x5, 0x63160154, 0x36 update: 0x226, 0x098 0x93, 0x26, 0x44869261, 0x62, 0x22, 0x5298 PDC: 0x0092, 0x4, 0x39, 0x50, 0x1, 0x06396574, 0x4, 0x23, 0x73604370, 0x813, 0x70, 0x5 1VL.1PA: 0x89, 0x008, 0x4635, 0x53003627, 0x473, 0x8, 0x110, 0x72004901, 0x89491677, 0x8, 0x3169, 0x96 9WL: 0x86 0x953, 0x793, 0x409, 0x669, 0x5, 0x91, 0x4, 0x1080, 0x87968166, 0x85, 0x6543, 0x29, 0x6989 include, KSQ, close JU9: 0x92, 0x39292970, 0x98, 0x34, 0x0352, 0x02654274

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