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1901. Miss Lilian Yormie


Dear Sir/Madam 

My Name is Miss.Lilian Yormie,The only surviving daughter of Late Mr.John 
Winpoe Yormie, deputy minister of national security,Republic of Liberia, who 
was Killed by Former Liberian President CHARLES TAYLOR on July 14th 2003 on 
allegation of being an accessory after the fact of a coup Plot. see

Before my Father was killed, he secretly siphoned the sum of US$18Million 
(Eighteen million United states dollars) out of Liberia and deposited the 
money with a Bank . He declared that the fund was solid gold and his foreign 
business partner owned it. I am contacting you because I want you to help me 
and my only younger brother George Yormie claim the money from the Finance 
Company  on our behalf since he  declared that the fund belong to his 
foreign business partner. 

You shall also be required to assist me and my Brother to  invest the money 
in your country. I hope to trust you as a God fearing person who 
will not Eat this money when you claim it, rather assist us properly.I 
expect you to declare what percentage of the total money you will take for 
your assistance, Our Offer is 30%.Let me know your view. When I receive your 
positive response I will let you know where the Finance Company is and to 
enable claim the money which is very important from the Finance House. For 
now, let all our communication should be by e-mail because I and my Brother 
are into hidding because of security reasons coupled with the fact that our 
late Father's Political enemies and his relatives particularly his cousin 
Mr.Harrison Karnwea are at our back trying to take away all our late 
Father's assessts living us with nothing since they succeeded in klling our 
Mother but Our God  is alife. 

Please also send us your telephone number,and  your contact address. 

Thank you and God bless you and family. 

Miss.Lilian Yormie

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