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1930. A B Solarin
Subject: Partnership Proposal

From Mr. Alexandro B. S.

Treat With Utmost Confidentiality
Dear Friend,

I apologized using this medium to reach you for a deal like this, since you do
not know me before. This is due to Confidentiality. I got your contact details
from my private search on the internet. After going through your details I
decided to contact you believing that we can both work in hands to 
achieve this

As stated above, I am Mr. Alexandro Benjamino Solarino the Chief Auditor
Department of Mineral Resources FALKLAND ISLAND SOUTH ATLANTIC. I will be
grateful to have you as my foreign partner to enable us carry out a deal of
Eight million two hundred thousand Great Britain Pounds (8,200,000.00).

I know you will be very astonished on how I got this money and why I 
choose you
to carry out this deal with you or how we will be able to carry out this deal
as it involve a lot of money. Well since I need a partner outside my country
and outside the UK that will receive the transfer of these funds from here, I
have to look for someone abroad for security reasons. Since I do not have any
body overseas then I decided to search on the internet and since you are the
first person I am contacting in this regards I sincerely hope that you 
will not
turn me down. I have already made all arrangement to successfully execute this
deal without any problem on your side and mine. Also the transfer of the funds
will be made through Telegraphic Bank to bank transfer so you have nothing to
worry about as all documentation will be made legal. All I need from you is
your total support, trust, honesty and confidentiality.

Once the transfer of the funds is successfully made to your account abroad
after your government has taken their taxes from the total amount, 40% of the
remaining amount will be for you while 60% will be for me.

I will give you more breakdown as soon as soon as I hear from you. 
Feel free to
reach me on +44 704 571 4184.

Yours Faithfully,
Mr. A B Solarino

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