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1943. Dr Bek Shaimerdenov
Subject: DOHA Asian Games:Apply for Receiver Role.(Only For Canadian Residents).

Dr Bek Shaimerdenov
Independent Consultant,
Bidding Team for DOHA Asia Games 2006.

I am contacting you in view of an urgent relationship that has mutual benefits of all parties involved. The concuded DOHA Asia Games 2006,was executed flawlessly.I was one of the 4 members of the bidding teams that helped secure the games for the Islamic Republic of Qatar.
After what is now referred to as the "Games Of your Life"we had issues in arriving at a costs analysis that will represent the good will of the members of this committee as commensurate compensation. After months of debate we have currently arrived at £10.5million(GBP).
However the funds according to the current regulation guiding such ceremonies must be released to a thrid party that will receive the funds then the receiver disburse to members equally.
The receiver is entitled to 20% of the money.After careful consideration we have discovered that we will incurr some costs to get this operations to the point of fund release to be actualized.
In line with the guidelines we have opted for a third party investor that will takecare of any outstanding costs we will incurr in this operation in return for complete refunds and 5%.
We have secured the service of the third party investor all we need is the receiver.
We have submitted that we want a receiver from Canada for this role.
If you meet this requirement and you have a suitable bank account that will serve this purpose then reply this mail inculding your profile for appraisal.
Copy all reply to my private
Thank you
Mr Bek Shaimerdenov.

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