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1964. Free Lottery Sweepstake
Subject: Certified.........Lucky Winner!!!

The Free Lotto Sweepstakes,
PO Box 42 Peterborough

Ref No: MELI-T/ 17-F044262312
Batch No:901/00319/HLP
Zonal Draw No: GMLA2-003
Grand Draw No: 12099

We are pleased to inform you of the announcement today of your
 selection as one of the five winners of the promotional Free Lotto Sweepstakes
 held recently as part of our EXPERIMENTAL BONANZA.

You have therefore been approved for a lump sum pay out of (
 £500.000.00(G.B.P). the value of the amount comes to ($917,956.00 USD) Nine
 Hundred and Seventeen thousand, Nine hundred and fifty-six United States  Dollars.

We in the Free Lottery Sweepstakes is by this program,Launching our
 model computer balloting lottery draws, developed and designed to satisfy
 the cravings of the ever-growing number of participants in our various
 lottery programs. With funds accrued exclusively from previous draws,
 payouts to all winners are guaranteed and will be transferred in record time.

After randomly selecting 15,000 participants from an initial database
 of 300,000 emails all participants were selected through a computer
 ballot system from the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Canada, Europe, USA and
 South America as part our International Promotions Program, which was
 conducted in view of launching ourselves into the Sweepstakes Industry
 Worldwide and zoning all participants by their respective continents from
 across the globe, we produced an extensive list from which you have
 emerged as one of the winners of the Grand Draw In other to claim your
 £500,000.00 prize, you will have to fill the form below and send it back
 to us for verification and then you will be inform on how your
 Cashier's Check for £500,000.00 has already been deposited with your email


1.FULL NAMES:__________________________________




5.MARITAL STATUS:___________________


7.E-MAIL ADDRESS:_____________________________

8.TELEPHONE NUMBER:_____________________


10.AMOUNT WON:___________________________________

12. COUNTRY________________________________

Please you are adviced to complete the form and send back to us for
prompt collection. You are automatically disqualified if you are below 18
years of age.Any breach of confidentiality on the part of the winners
will result to disqualification. This E-mail message (including
attachments, if any)is intended for the use of the individual or entity
to which it is addressed and may contain Information that is privileged,
proprietary,confidential and exempted from disclosure. If you are not
the intended recipient, you are notified that any dissemination,distribution
or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited.


Greg Smith

To file for your claim, please contact our fiduciary agent

Cynthia Ferguson

Email address

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