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1982. Sinopec Export Company
Subject: Ref: Sinopec86A01/Company's Representative Required

Welcome to Sinopec Export Company.
A6 Hui xin East St. Chaoyang District, 100029, Beijing, CHINA

Attention: pls,

Would you like to work online from home and get paid 10% from the Customer we
supply? Without leaving or affecting your present job? We deal on raw materials and run a textile and fabrics firm we need someone to work for the company as
representative/book keeper in your country. We are a New Company, we export our products and raw materials into various Continents. I want to solicit for your
assistance, to act as our payment-receiving officer to our customers in America (North & South), Canada. Please if you are willing to assist,I will want you to furnish me with your details, so as to enable me give you further information.
You will earn up to 10% of every payment that you receive for us from our customers. Please contact us for more information via email with the below in formations filled out.

MAILING ADDRESS (Including Zip code):
TEL NUMBER (Personal):

You are required to Contact The General Manager with your full details above;

Mr. Zhang Yaocang
General Manager
Sinopec Export Company Limited


We look forward to working with you.

Mr Lee Chang
Sinopec Export Company Limited

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