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2007. Global Trust Management
Subject: We are expanding, new good challenges for you. ref: 770


I am writing to inquire if you might be interested in part-time job opening
in the area of book-keeping/clerical services.
Global Trust Management, Ltd., a major East Europe investment asset management
firm, is looking for chargeable and determined residents
to fill the specialist and associate positions within the Receivables department of
our Transactions/Finance group in the United Kingdom. As a specialist or associate,
you will be in charge of monitoring and processing funds transfers initiated by our UK clients
and reporting to the Receivables department manager.
We are looking for numerate partners who are also capable team-players,
preferably with some high school education and/or previous accounting/clerical experience.
Monthly gross wages: USD 1800-3600 per month
The vacancy is totally home-based, and no relocation is required from the successful candidate.
This career opportunity does not involve any permanent working hours and is suitable for senior citizens or self-employed individuals.
Please let us know if You are interested in becoming a part of our concern and EMAIL US. We will then send You more details relating to the position of a secretarial/clerical services.

Thank You very much for Your attention and for Your desire to help and joint support.

Thank You!


Irina V. Ocherina

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