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2045. E-Commerce Foundation International
Subject: Ecommerce Award Notification!!

Foundation International. 

Regional Office: Heidelberglaan 2

3481 CS, Utrecht, The Netherlands.       

Attention: Your email was successful in our recent Email Sweepstake

We are using this avenue to notify you of your success in our recently conducted international email ballot draw which was in collaboration with Euro Million International Lottery where e-ticket and batch numbers were assigned to the over 350,000 email addresses randomly selected through an electronic random selection system (ERSS) from all countries around the world and used for the sweepstake (no ticket was sold). Your email won in the first category draw and therefore entitled to a payout of $2,800,000.00 (Two million eight hundred thousand U.S Dollars) Only. Your E-ticket number is 36 4 780 800ECF, Batch Number: EU-LW178904 and winning numbers are 6-18-22-23-37*5*6.

You are therefore required to SEND the following details: FULL NAMES; ADDRESS (not P.O. Box); TELEPHONE NUMBER; AND WINNING EMAIL ADDRESS to the Claims Processing Coordinator,

PROFESSOR MANDER BOUW, representing E-commerce Foundation International/Euro million International Lottery.

Telephone number:  +31 619 317 420

Email:  OR

NOTE: We will payout money strictly to winners who officially file in for their prize claims .You are  also to keep all winning information away from the general public especially your E-ticket number and winning numbers. (This is important as cases of double claims will not be entertained).

Persons under 18 years and members of affiliate agencies are not eligible to participate in this programme


Yours faithfully

Marijm Vancosky.

Executive secretary E-Commerce Foundation International

"The information in this email contains confidential information and is intended solely for the attention and use of the named addressee. If you are not the intended recipient, you are not authorized to and must not disclose copy, distribute or retain this message or any part of it."

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