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2052. Barclays Bank PLC
Subject: Security announcement.
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2007 08:20:08 -0700

Barclays International Logo

Hello dear Barclays International client!

We are glad to inform you that Barclays International had introduced a new multilevel system for the security of your accounts. Today we are the only bank which has a security system of such a level.

The list of innovations:
- Transmitted information from the client to a server is coded by the more powerful algorithm;
- Possibility for email and SMS alert after entering the account;
- Possibility for email and SMS alert when trying to make a money transfer;
- The possibility of data interception is excluded;
- Fishing possibility is excluded.

All your information and settings have been saved and transported to a new system, but in order to work with your account it is necessary to activate it.

Please, follow the reference showed below to activate your account.

For the International accounts:

Before the activation all the Internet operations will be stopped.
If you are not Barclays International customer, please delete this letter.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Attention! In no circumstances should you enter your data to enter the account and to make transactions at the sites which do not belong to the bank. You can be sure in the safety of your data only when you enter it at the pages of the account activation and at the pages of the site In the event that this information hit to the plotters it can be used illegally.

If you have any questions you can turn to a Customer Service Department Barclays International by telephone +44(0)20 7114 7400 or by email

We apologize for possible inconveniences,
Customer Service Department Barclays International.

© 2007 Barclays International. All rights reserved.

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