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2059. Financial Crime Commission (Reports)

To Whom It May Concern.

This is to notify you that we have been receiving several reports on SCAM moving around the
world.We have passed out our investigation team from the supports of the Economic And
Financial Crime Commission to place target on each direct funds into this country.This Union
was set up on 4th July 2007 to enable the rate of scam reduce in this country called Nigeria.

Looking to the main angle we have tracked is the line on Receiving calls which we have
tracked to be the redirecting of United kingdom International numbers been directed to this
coun try NIGERIA and you might think its really from the united Kingdom.

You can never see their number on your phone as a normal calling number but it will appear
Private on your Phone Screen.Thie number has been therefore revealed to be hidden.


You should Re-think if you have by anyway or chance suspected any callings like this or
transacted any deals like Like lottery winning from the united kingdom,Job offer from any
country,Funds lender from any suspected Fraudulent company and more others that we
are still tracking now.

If you've by any means encountered any of this transaction like listed above,Do contact us with
any proof of understanding like,the proof of funds paid to these client and other contacts of
these fraudsters.

We shall proceed on this and have your funds paid back to you immediately we gets their
contacts ,But if they by anymeans be funds paid to them,If they are among the group on our
custordy we shall make available at at least 70% of lost funds.

Do update fastly

Mr Halton Haldoff
Inspector General

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