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2068. Yorkshire Investments plc
Subject: Claim

Our REF: 70417356TZ
Date: 27th Sep. 2007

Dear participant.

We write today with reference to a deposited fund totalling six million pounds currently held here in our office in your favour. According to our records, you are the sole beneficiary of the deposited fund and you are required to contact this office immediately to verify your eligibility to the deposited fund with a view to claiming the said fund.
As soon as you make contact with this office, you will be requested to either come to collect the fund personally or provide a bank account details for direct transfer of the fund to you. For security, please quote reference number: 70417356tz when you contact us. In order to avoid confusion in the collection process, you are advised to keep this transaction confidential until the fund has been credited to you. Please contact Mrs Becky Ferguson at the collections department on: immediately to claim your deposited fund. Your fund will be kept in this office for seven working days and if we do not hear from you within the specified time, your fund will be declared as unclaimed and returned back to the original source. Your prompt response will be highly appreciated.
Please call your claims officer directly if you need further clarification.
Emma Thompson
Claims Department
Tel: +44 7011149156
Fax: +44 7077089596

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