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2116 Mr Larry Adams

Due to our very busy work schedule, we require assistance on some very important personal issues. we looking for a professional personal assistant thats

* Very sharp and a quick learner
* A go-getter and non quitter
* Strong minded with great communication skills
* Long term friend thats interested in learning from my skills and experience.
* Excellent time management skills
* Excellent communications skills
* Handle all basic department communications such as mailing of invitations, cards, letters, etc

At this time, we are only looking for 2-3 personal assistant. You must be self motivated, trainable and have a clean criminal record This will be for a part time job. You will mainly be helping our company with personal finance, accounting, time and people management. Let us know if you need to know more about this opportunity. Our finance client will be in touch with you as regards transaction, you don't have to go to any office, all you need is internet access to be my personal assistant, you could earn $2000 in 2 weeks. For more information please contact:

Also, you will be required to furnish us with the following details so as to facilitate data processing.


The work will basically require you to recieve payment on behalf of the company,Payment transactions will be concluded on the company's behalf and forwarded to appropraite information that will be provided in due course,Commission will be allocated to you depending on the transaction involved.

Best Regards

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