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2208. Micheal Morrison

Morrison PLC, is in search of a book-keeper/company representatives in the United States. This project has been developed in a way not to affect your present job nor bring you any form of stress but in order to help take care of those extra costs while you work for us.Morrison PLC is a company that's deals in the production and supplies of Batik, Assorted African fabrics, various clothing materials,African art materials and all kinds of furniture's for exporting to the world .Presently our web site is under construction and should be ready soon .Recently It came to my knowledge that there are a lot of lapses in handling funds coming from our clients in the USA and CANADA which come in forms of Cashiers checks, Company checks and Money Orders which are not readily cash able outside the United States and Canada.So we need someone in the US and CANADA to work as our representatives and assist us in processing the payments from our various clients which come in on a weekly,monthly and annual basis.This is why we decided to employ a representatives over in the US to help us receive our payments at your contact address you shall be providing us,in order to process our payment from our clients.
All you need to do is receive this payment from our clients in the States and canada and get it cashed in your bank or a cashing center then deduct your 10% and forward the balance to the company down here via money gram or western union money transfer. The main reason why the funds cannot be cashed down here is that it would take 20-24 days for a US money order to pass through the bank here and that would tie down my capital and not make business move fast as i expected,but a US money order presented to the bank in the US can be cashed immediately or clear tops within 48 hrs if deposited at the bank. My former representative who helps me in processing this payments just got married and she has moved to Germany to reside,thats why i am in urgent need of another representative.Our payments will be issued out in your name as we would inform our clients to do. Therefore the following details would be needed.
If you are indeed interested in this job offer, forward your resume and the below information to the this email address

1. Your Full Name:
2. Residential Address(full contact address not P.O. Box)
3 Phone Number:
4. Country:
5. Date of Birth:
6. E-mail address:
7. profession:
8. nationality:
9. Bank Name:
10 Have you received or done an offer like this before?
11.If Yes put details and out come of it:

We would forward these information's to our clients and they will start making payments to you as the company's representative in the states or Canada, Because of all that we are hearing about Internet fraud we have decided that on every payment FBI and IRS would verify it before coming to you. Once we have all your details in our records,We would notify you as soon as we confirm that one of our clients is mailing payment across to you or transferring money to your account .
Please note we have security experts who work in hand with the FBI & IRS to detect the validity of the details you provide us, should there be foul play.We await your urgent response and we are also aware of internet fraud as well but we do take precaution and that is why we make use of FBI AND IRS.
Warmest Regards,
Micheal Morrison, M.D.

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