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2233. Fred Dee
Subject: The answer to inquiry.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

For protection of places of dwelling in the wild nature of the rare animals of Chyprus the fund is created.
 The primary goal of Fund is a restriction of approach of the person on even remained virgin places of this wonderful island where in the wild nature it is possible to see for the present the animals brought in the Red book. Seals-monks live in coastal waters and dolphins. In summertime on beaches of peninsula Akamas postpone eggs sea turtles - green and the carriage - the carriage. By the way, the carriage-carriage lives only on the Greek island Zakynthos and on island Chyprus.
Highly very rare kind of the wild ram lives in mountains Troodosa - Cyprian muflon. Not only tourists, but also Cypriotes dream to see them.

Everyone to whom the further destiny of these rare animals is not indifferent, we ask to render material support to Fund. Your help will help us to protect these small corners of the wild nature of Chyprus from intrusion of a civilization that our children and grandsons could enjoy this protogenic beauty still.


On all questions to address:

Bank of Cyprus
BRANCH   I.B.U.  Paphos    0655
P.O.BOX 60034,
CY-8123 Paphos, Cyprus
SWIFT:                  BCYPCY2N
IBAN:                    CY36 0020 0655 0000 0040 0121 6906
BENEFICIARY:    Chikina Natalia
ACCOUNT:          0655-40-012169-06

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