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2236. Eric Tenner
Subject: Hello

Dear Friend
Having searched and seen your details from the web highlighting your personal 
details in a very glowing terms, I write to introduce myself and the aim of this 
mail to you, though that we have not met before, but i believe that opportunity 
of meeting with one another starts from one day.
My name is Eric Tenner , from Kensal Green here in London, and i work for Nat West Bank . 
my reason of contacting you is to introduce an opportunity that arose from my office 
which needed an URGENT ATTENTION, and which i also believed that would bring n a 
great benefit to both of us.
We have discovered an abandon sum of money to the tune of $ 10 . 5 million USD that 
belongs to one of our very interesting LATE FOREIGN CUSTOMER named
Morris Thompson, who unfortunately lost his life and that of his entire family of 3 in the Alaska 
Airlines Flight 261 which crashed on January 31 2003.
please allow me to present you as a distant cousin of our late client, so that the left over fund 
would be paid into an account that you would be providing, and which we shall be 
sharing to a percentage that we shall be agreed upon.I shall provide all necessary 
legal documents that would backup our claims in your names or a name that you may 
provide as far as you have an account in that name so that this money would 
be paid into it, all i need is to fill in your names into the documents so that our Attorney would 
legalese those details of yours in a probate court so as to stand you out as the legitimate 
beneficiary to whom this sum of money is legally allowed to be paid into its account.
Please provide the details below so we can get things started on time
Your Names 
Telephone Numbers including mobile 
Contact address 
An urgent response to this mail, so that i shall intimate you on the next line of action, as we 
intend to conclude the transaction within 5 working days.
You can send your response to my alternative email address:
Best Regards
Eric Tenner

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