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2262. Mr Shung lee
Subject: Re: Company Representatives Is Needed (Job Offer Employment)

Good day,

This email is from Rac Plc in United Kingdom; also know as Great
Britain. We would like to know if you would be interested to work for
us, as a part-time job, which would not disturb your current job or
your current position?
We have our company here in United Kingdom and we deal on Car Buying, Car
care, Insurance, Training on how to drive, Loans and leasing, Motorcycle
services and so many more, we have few clients from the USA/CANADA,
California, Florida, New York, Ontario, Quebec and so many other states
in the USA/CANADA.
If you are interested, we would require you're:
Full Name Home Address City, State and Zip code
Telephone Number (s) also provides us details of where you work and
your position in your work place. We do hope to hear from you as soon
as possible,


Regards and await your response,

Shung lee
RAC Motoring Services (RACMS)
Company No: 1424399
8 Surrey Street Norwich NR1 3NG United Kingdom

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