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2317. Mrs. Helen D. Barnes

From Mrs. Helen D. Barnes.

Hello Friend,

Good day to you, I greet you in the name of our lord Jesus Christ, My name is Mrs. Helen Barnes Im artist by profession, I'm a British woman and I base in London United Kingdom UK, I am married with three kids.

Actually I am looking for a representative in UNITED STATES OF AMERICA USA, I have a job offer that will earn you $2,500.00 every week, this job offer will not stop you from your daily job, and the job offer is thus:

All my customers are AMERICANS, and they all want to pay me with Cashiers Cheque, and it is always very hard from me to cash the cashier's cheque here in London United Kingdom UK, So therefore I decided to search for a reliable and honest person in AMERICA to help me in cashing the cashiers cheque and send me physical cash here in London UK.

I have so many customers in AMERICA and If you are interested, you will be earning $2,500.00 every week as 10% commission as my AMERICAN REPRESENTATIVE, this job offer will not affect your present work, all I need from you is honesty and trust, kindly send me the information's below and I will have my customers send the cashiers cheque to you immediately:

Your Complete Legal Name.
Your Present Residential Address.
Your Current House/Mobile Telephone Number.

As soon as I receive the above details from you, I will contact all my customers to post the cashier's check to your home address as my AMERICA REPRESENTATIVE, I want to bring to your notice that you will not involve any of your money into this job offer, you wont spend any money in this job offer not even a dime, consider this job offer and reply back to me with the above details,

Thanks as I await your immediate response.

Sincerely Yours.
Mrs.Helen Barnes.
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