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2380. joseph mick

Dear Friend,

It has been long we communicate last, am so sorry for the delay, I want to
Inform you that your Draft of ($1.500.000.00) Which my boss asked me to mail
to you as soon as you request for it Is now with the Company, And the Name
of the Company is world trust Courier Company here in Cotonou Benin

But due to some minure issue you failed to respond at the Appropriate time,
and presently the cheque is with them here Waiting for you to Come and pick
it or you send them your Address where you want them to delivered the Cheque
in Your Country Immediately.

What you have to do now is to Contact them with your Phone Number, your
Postal Address, and your Full Name, so that they will not do Mistake when
deliverring the Draft.
Secondly, You have to send to them again, which the company said that it
will cost you only $120 to Delivered the cheque to your Destinated Address
without delay, Please Contact them and register with them now, because this
is the Opportunity for you to receive your Bnak Draft.

Only what you will Contact them with is your Phone number, and Address, and
full Name to avoid wrong Delivery, You should also tell the Company to give
you the Information and how you will send them the Delivery fee $120
Immediately you Contact them before the draft $1,500,000.00 will be
delivered to your door step.

Below is their email address:
Contact delivery person name is ( Mr Williams Duku)
Please do get back to me as soon as you have contacted the courier Company
so that i can be able to Advice you on how your cheque will be Delivered to
your Destinated address Immediately.

dr John Mick

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