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2391. Dany Akira

Bangchan Industrial Estate, Plot Khor-1 Moo
14 Serithai Rd.Minburi Bangkok 10510 Thailand.



Wan Thai Foods Industry Company Limited was set up in 1972 and in 1973,
the company tied up with Japanese seasoning and food Ajinomoto in a
 joint venture.We have become one of the leading manufacturers. Of
noodles in Thailand, under the Yum Yum? brand name. The company
manufactures a
  variety of instant noodle products under "YUM YUM" brand name which 
consist of bag noodles, cup noodles, & bowl noodles in a Wide variety of
flavours.The Yum Yum? instant noodles brand  has been familiar to
customers in
 Thailand for many generations. It is now a  favourite for consumers all
the world.

We also produce OEM (private label) brands for international companies.

As a result of product reliability and astute management, we are not
  only growing steadily but also successfully launching new varieties of
  ready-cooked (ready to eat) products for dish and dessert in Thai
 cuisine, packed in  retort pouch under WAN THAI? brand name. And again
we also
 produce OEM  (private label) brands for international companies.

Our company produces an ample line of seasoning products both in powder
  and paste (flavoured oil) forms, for domestic and overseas markets.
  Moreover, we offer contract packing at buyer's specification.

Rewarded with HACCP certificate:
Furthermore, with our production Quality and well-recognized brand name
  in foreign markets, we received the rewarded with HACCP Certificate
 on   July 1999, to ensure that foods offered to the consumer are safe to
 eat accordance  to The United Nation food standard group Codex
 Alimentations Commission  recommended HACCP's adoption as a system for
ensuring the 
safety of foods and the prevention of food borne diseases.

And on August 2001 we received the certificate of ISO 9001/2000 from
  SGS (Thailand).This ensures our company's capability in achieving
 quality management, product process and product quality.

Due to the vast spread of our products to other countries, we decided
  to look for someone/corporate body who can serve as an in-country
 distributor   who will be serving as a link between us and our
customers within
 that province.  It is upon this note that we are writing you to seek
assistance in  representing our company in your locality as our

It is upon this note that we are writing you this mail to seek your
  assistance in representing our company in your locality as our
 distributor because  quite soon we will open representative offices and
 sales centres  in North America and therefore we are currently looking
people who will  assist us in establishing a new distribution network
there. The 
fact that despite  the Central and Northern America market is new for us
 already have   regular clients also speaks for itself. This I believe
will make you
know that
  we have long been in to business already.

Note that if eventually you are selected by the company to do this job,
  you would be placed on a Monthly salary of $5, 000, 00, a 5%
 commission for   sales you make for each goods and also for any payment
you receive on
 behalf   of the company. Note that you would also be entitled to other
 allowances which include Health, Travelling and retirements benefits.


- Basic salary of 60,000 United States Dollars a year. (i.e., 5,000.00
  USD monthly) and - 4% bonus on total sales of company products
- Plus 5% commission on payment made to you on behalf of the company by
  our customers/clients.

As a Representative of our company, your basic functions are as

1. Maintenance of a sales office. The company will be responsible for
ALL costs including phone and other charges.

2. Assume responsibility for the office.

3. Lastly, contacting clients on behalf of the company who are ready to
  make payments for products supplied.

To facilitate this transaction if you deem you would be able to
undertake this task for the company, I would want you to submit to us
 via this
Email  the following information which include following:

(6) AGE:

Thanks for your time and anticipation to work with Wan Thai Foods Co.,

Sincerely Yours,
Dany Akira
Sales/Marketing Dept

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