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2404. James Weldon
Subject: RE GOOD DAY

James Weldon
6 Lower Mall, Hammersmith,
London W6 9DJ
United Kingdom

I am contacting you base on the recommendation by Jean Bertrand Aristide former Haiti president who was forced into exile and currently in Bangui in Central African Republic

He has directed me to contact you and seek your assistance to help him manage a financial portfolio of over USD45,000,000.00 (Forty Five Million United State Dollars) and he want you to claim this funds and put it into a partnership investment which will be constituted between you and him.He also advice that you protect his interest in his present situation as he can not monitor this deposit assets presently from his exiled country.

Please indicate your interest, to enable me furnish you with full information concerning this matter.

Your Sincerely,

James Weldon.

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