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2439. Mr. Patrick Estime
Subject: Information's

Thank you for your response to my email. I trust that we can work together in an environment where trust will be our watch word and order of the day. I am hereby attaching a copy of my international passport for your perusal. I am looking at investing in Tourism and Realty. I will also welcome good investment ideas from you.

However, I am hereby giving you an insight of myself as well as what this transaction entails.

Since the dethronement of Jean-Bertrand Aristide of Haiti whom I worked closely with during his reign as the president of Haiti , I have been in Benin Republic on Political Asylum with members of my family.

My family is my main concern in engaging you in this transaction to enable them get a better life in a good/friendly socio-political environment.

During the 1999 oil windfall (Because of the Iraqi American war) we were able to make a lot of money from Oil we had purchased. On my own as the PA to the President on Crude Oil Affair I was able to make $45Million which is at the moment in a Deposit float Account (INVESTMENT ACCOUNT) in a Europe company.

As I am a kind of restricted here with very strict restrictions, I will not be able to get this money on my own unless I appoint you as my associate which I intend to do. This is of course if we agree on terms in the course of this transaction.

You will be entailed to represent me personally in this business transaction until my family members will be able to secure freedom which will be very soon if all works well between the both of us. In other words, you will stand in as the beneficiaries of my money. I propose to give you as my partner and a friend who is my associate a percentage of the total sum. This will be at the end of the transaction.

I want us to create a good environment to trust each other till the end of this transaction and onwards.

I look forward to working with you as a friend and an associate. Further details will be given to you as soon as I hear from you.


Patrick Estime

                To Succeed In Business, It Is Necessary To Make Others
                                                                  See Things As You See Them.
                                                                               Aristotle Onassis

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