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2444. Mr. Ben Seal Cole

From: MR. BEN SEAL COLE     
Director World Debt Reconciliation Committee
+44 704 573 5084.

We are pleased to inform you that We are World Debt Reconciliation Committee newly set up by The International Bank For Reconstruction And Development(WORLD BANK) And the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Based on series of petition we received from International Bodies such as Cooperate Bodies and Non Governmental Organization (NGO) on the Inability of some Government of different countries in the World, Commercial banks and World Lottery Organization to settle their clients Contract debt, Inheritance Fund and Winning prize fund.

After an extensive close door meeting between the Board of Directors WORLD BANK AND INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND), It was resolved and agreed upon that these body WORLD DEBT RECONCILIATION COMMITTEE will work extensively to ensure that your Contract Payment, Your Inheritance and Lottery Winning prize fund will be paid without delay through the World Bank and IMF Insurance body.

1. You are strictly advised to inform us as your Agent on any of the above mentioned Debt you are involved any where in the world. The contract Amount and Country which the contract was executed.
2. The Bank name and location where your Inheritance Fund are tied up and amount due to you.
3. Your Winning Prize lottery Company and the amount won.

Note that on receipt of your complain and list of debt due for payment, Your Fund will be called back from its various point where it has been tied up by World Bank and IMF and your payment will be arrange and effected based on your choice of payment.

Urgently furnish this Office with your Name and contact information to enable us open up communication with you regarding the remittance of your payment.

Yours Faithfully.
Director World Debt Reconciliation Committee
+44 704 573 5084.

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