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2446. Dr. Zaini Nuruddin
Subject: Re: Get back to me now


Compliments of the day.

My name is Dr. Zaini Nuruddin, i am a native of Malaysia. I am suffering this moment just about to be executed simply because i discovered that what my parents and society told me where all lies. I am a muslim by birth, and grew up a strong and active muslim in soul and body. I was a very stong participant in all the inhuman activities in the world , including terrorism. I made money, so much money. I met with a Pastor In Canada where i was sent for my last suicide mission and when he was ministering i had different feeling inside me that all i was doing were bad and sorrowful. I cried and went down on my kneels and asked him to pray for me. He took me to his house and there i confessed and tokd him all i had done in the past.

My last assisgnment was a critical one but i did not complete it because i gave my life the a true God that wants peace and love for all humanity. My superiors heard of this and declared me wanted. They went to my home and killed my family. As i speak with you now i have no brother, no sister, no parents.

I thank God for my life now even if i will be executed on the 5th November 2007. I want to use this last munites of my life to turn around all the ill and awful things i have done. I believe in you because i have prayed that God should forgive me because of this humanitarian sacrifies i am about to make. I have in a secret bank the sum of $27million uds. I want you to use this money for the liberation of less privildged, widows,poor and handicapped. I now it is not an easy task but you also will be rewarded because i found out that living in this life without affecting peoples life is worthless. So i plead that you do not turn this offer down.

I have three more days before the islamic rulers will execute me. Do not be scared knows where this money is and you will be free and receive this money peacefully and use it just for the particular purpose i am seeking. This is a none criminal task as this fund was got legitimately. So do not be scared about anything at all.

Get back to me now so i send you my bank contact for you to contact them and i will give you the necesary documents you will need.

Thank you.

Dr. Zaini Nuruddin

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