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2501. John Spielberg

(Solicitors & Advocates)
H7BWP  Sandholm,Bridge End Rd
Suffolk, IP28 8LQ
Red Lodge Bury St,Edmuds
Tel:+44 70457 37239
       +44 70457 36846
Beneficiary of Late R. S Williamís (WILL)
Dear Friend,

Reference to the above subject matter, we wish to inform you that you were enlisted as the beneficiary of Late R. S Williamís (WILL)
The late R. S William was a great philanthropists here in London. He is an American citizen, he school in American after which he secured a job with the American Metallurgical company, he proceeded to work with the British Environmental Research center, as the managing director of the company. He had a son, who although died with his wife in a fatal car accident along Potters Bar road.
I am Barrister John Spielberg, An Attorney at Law and Senior Advocate of Britain (SAB). I am the personal Attorney to Late R. S William and a manager to his account before his death.
According to William's in his (WILL), emphasizes you to be his old school friend and also how he ran into a friend in England who gave your contact to him but unfortunately before his death, was unable to reach you. Although he confined on me that he would not make his WILL explicit to the beneficiaries, hence it came as a surprise
In his WILL, you are entitled to Eight hundred and fifty thousand pounds sterling (850,000:00) and four (4) bedrooms duplex.
Three beneficiaries were included in his (Will), the bank has issued me a notice to provide the Beneficiary of Late R. S William's (WILL) or declared the fund unserviceable or the money will be credited to the Government treasury as per law within the next 21 working days.
Recently, the British Government is carrying out reforms in the banking system and because of ant tourism acts that every fund above five thousand pounds sterling (5,000:00) would be questionable.
Your anticipated response is urgently needed. The details and update of fund transfer will be furnished at the receipt of your mail.Please all correspondense should be via my personal email address ( )
I will finally like to receive your mobile numbers and fax for easier communication.
Have a lovely day even as you read this Congratulatory messag

Mrs. Katherine Edward, LLB (Office Secretary)
 For-Barrister. JOHN SPIELBERG CHAMBER, LLB, MLB, LLD. (Principal Attorney).

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