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2547. Eluchi Abia


Dear sir/Madam,

I am making this contact with you on behalf of my colleagues. I am a member of the TENDERS BOARD COMMITTEE of the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing in my country. Our duties include award,evaluation and review of contracts.

In 2003, my committee (TBC) awarded a contract of US$150,000,000(One Hundred and Fifty Million United States Dollars only) to a joint venture of SPEIBATIGNOLES and FOUGEROLLE, for an engineering, procurement,construction of pipeline network a Eleme Petro-Chemical plant.

As it were, the contract sum was deliberately over-invoiced by us (TBC) with the sum of (FIFTEEN MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS ONLY). The project was executed,commissioned and the contractor(s) paid accordingly.

My colleagues and I want to transfer the over-invoiced amount into a viable foreign account.

We have therefore resolved that as long as you can act as the sole beneficiary of the fund. The following will be the mode of sharing: 25% for beneficiary i.e. owner of account, 10% for expense incurred during the course of transfer, and 65% for us the officials.

Let me reiterate at this juncture, that there are top and influential government officials involved in this transfer and as such I would appreciate it, if this business is treated with utmost confidentiality.I do hope I can trust you as regards this matter.

All modalities have been worked out and the necessary machinery put in place for a smooth. It is worthy to note that this transaction is 100% risk free, my only fear is the confidentiality of this business from your end.

It is pertinent to note that only an expatriate firm can lay claim to this fund. We are barred from operating foreign accounts as civil servants still serving the government.

As soon as the payment is effected, and amount mentioned above is successfully transferred into your account, we intend to use own share in acquiring some properties (Real Estates) Abroad. For this too, you shall also serve as our agent. Please send your reply through this my email address.

I shall send you my phone number as we progress.Your quick response will be highly appreciated. If however, you are not disposed to assist, kindly destroy this letter, inview of the confidentiality of the proposed transaction and for the interest of the personalities involved.I will give you further details when you respond to this email. I await your response.

ENGR Eluchi Abia

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