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2567. Uba Group


Dear Friend,

  Good day my friend, this letter must be as a surprise to you but please
permit me to use this medium to write you this mail, i appologies for the mail
though you may regard it as an unsolicited mail. but please listen to what i
have to tell you.
  First i will have to introduce myself as Musa Hassan i am chief audit
chairman UBA bank Nigeria, i have a business proposal that will benefit the both
of us, during the last fiscal year ending June 2007 the audit commitee under the
  distinguish chairman Dr Felix Ibru, at the finding of the Bank annual
report it was brought to our notice that an Excess of funds amount to the sum of
  $32.5million dollar this funds after close observation and investigation it
  was releaved that this funds has been left in a domant account for the
period of 6years.
  Now therefore my friend under the new Nigerian bank policy such funds after
  7years will be regards as Unfunctional and will be transfered to Goverment

  I contacted you my friend because having made all prior investigation your
  last name tallies with that of the beneficairy of this funds.
  I will need your consent in this matter as i will need your assistance
to get this funds out and deposited in a designated account of your choice.
  Please be informed that this funds in question have been left domant for
close to seven years and with investigation reaching us from close quaters the
funds will be confiscated even if the original beneficiary comes for it.

  I will like you to provide me with the necessary details so i can be
able to slot this information into the Bank Central Data making the you the
legitimate Beneficiary of the funds which you and i know you are not.

  All information provided will be kept confidential and would not be
disclosed to any third party.
  Provide me with the informations as stated below:

  Contact Address:

  As soon as this informations is provided you will be contacted by the
Bank, i will tell you all what to do and provide you with the necessary legal
  documents backing this transaction.
  All i need you do is that you front as the Beneficiary of the funds
until it gets to your account.

  I await to hear from you soon

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