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2592. Wells Fargo Online
Subject: Your Online Banking Has Been Blocked
Sent: Saturday, November 17, 2007 3:19 PM

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Security Precaution

For optimal interaction with the Wells Fargo Web site, we recommend that you enable JavaScript.

For optimal viewing of the Wells Fargo Web site, we recommend that you enable CSS

For your security, your online banking profile has been locked due to inactivity or because of too many failed login attempts on your online banking.

This security message is been given out to confirm your online account with your access IP's which is well known by you for checking your online account and it will be saved into our database as your online access IP to secure your account this will enable us to protect your account fully.

click here to re-activate

We are indeed sorry for the inconveniencies we have caused you, but also remember that as a WELLS FARGO customer, your security remains our greatest priority.


Michael Bruce
Security Department

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