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2630. Frederick Yormie
Subject: Hello

This mail may be a surprise to you because i have not meet with you, also you do not know me in person, but before I tell you about myself I will startby counting on you that you will handle this business with otmost maturity and confidentiality it deserves, and please forgive me for sending this mailwithout your permission.

I am Frederick Yormie, 23 years old and the son of the late DEPUTY MINISTER FOR NATIONAL SECURITY FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF LIBERIA ( MR. JOHN WINPOE YORMIE)My father, was killed by some soldiers believed to be loyal to the then President CHARLES TAYLOR government because of my father's objection to some certain policies of his brutal regime and war crimes.

Shortly after the news of my fathers death came to us on sunday the 13TH OF JULY 2003, I rush into my father rooms, during the search for some documents in my father's room I came accross some vital documents and the key to a secret vault in the house.I took the key and went down to where the vault is and there I discovered (Two Metal Boxes) which were carefully hidden.

With the aid of the documents I was able to open the box only to find out that the trunk were full of money in hundred dollar bills. I could not count the money because I was very shock to see it and again it is too much for me to count but the documents that I recovered in my father's room which led me to the box put the money at us45.000,000.00(Forty FiveMillion Dollars).

I locked it back carefully with my Mother and arranged for the boxes to be moved with the help of a (Diplomatic courier) to a security firm in the Netherlands for safe-keeping and onward Transfer. We did not declare the content of the box as money to the firm, We only declare it as family valuablesand treasury.

At this moment I am living in GHANA as a political Refugee, the code of conduct bureau of offense in my country does not permit me and any member of my familyto: (a) Operate an offshore account. (b) Own a foreign company.

This is my primary aim of seeking your assistance to secure this money for me and my imidiate family.

I would have given you my telephone number so that you can call me in order to discuss the issue better, but I'm afraid to do so because I have too many people around me who I do not want them to know of the money but I thank God, that i have access to the (internet) I think it will be better to communicate by E-MAIL, untill we can make proper and solid arrangements about how to move the money.

I wish to meet with you if you can make a trip to The netherland, Never mind about your expenditure it will be taken care of, though I may not be able to send some money to you right now but i promised, you will be compesated as soon as this business is finanlised and not only that, I am ready to offer30% of the money to you for your assistance. It is not that I am paying you but as a sign of appreciation for every of your effort in this business.

Please I wish that this assistance be treated highly confidential, I will appreciate if you respond to my private email: (PLEASE YOU PUT MAIL HERE OK) Thanks for your anticipated effort and God bless,my private email:


yours respecfully,

Frederick Yormie
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