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2657. Robert Newton /
Subject: Hello,

My name is Robert Newton, Chief Executive Officer for RNTUAKTextile & 
Art Company. The sales of my Artworks is limited to Europe until recent 
that I intend to expand to the United states.
I've been selling my products for the past 7 years and lately facing
serious difficulties when it comes to selling the products to Americans
because they are always offering to pay with a US MONEY ORDERS/CHECKS,
which is difficult to cash here as it takes several weeks before it clears
. In line to this, I am looking for a representative in the United states
who will be working for me as a part time worker and we'll be willing to
pay him/her 10% of every transaction, which would not affect your present
state of work. I need an agent who is very responsible, trustworthy and
reliable in other to receive the payment (that is MONEY ORDERS/CHECKS)
from my clients, then get it cashed and deduct his/her percentage
thereafter and wire the balance(in cash) back to any of my
accountants/lawyers in my regional warehouses. The MONEY ORDERS/CHECKS
will be made out in your name and sent to you via delivery courier
services. As we both know that there is a problem getting someone that 
is really capable and trustworthy for this offer but surely I have my way 
of getting anyone that tries to get away with my money.
This offer is not going to cost you any amount cos all you need to do 
is to receive the payments from my clients, get it cashed, deduct your
percentage and send the balance(in cash) to my accountants/lawyers via
WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER. All required charges for the transfers 
are to be deducted from the money.
If you're interested, you can fill the employment form below. Once 
this is done you will be contacted with more information which will help 
determine if you meet my criteria for a representative. Looking forward to 
having you on my team.


FIRST NAME_________________________

LAST NAME__________________________




ZIP CODE_____________________________


PHONE NUMBER______________________



MARITAL STATUS_____________________


You will notify the company a week ahead if eventually you want to
discontinue this job so as to terminate all payment coming your way to
avoid conflict.

Yours Faithfully,
Robert Newton

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