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2683. Credit Settlement
Subject: Good day,

Good day,

Your name and E-mail address was among the names published for payment because your unpaid fund has been located.
You are to receive a part-payment of USD$315,810.00 (THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED AND TEN DOLLARS) and it has been approved for months.

However, we have processed the fund in a confirmable bank draft and deposited it to Top Chrono Courier & Security Company for delivery to you but we received an email from one Mr Paul Carter as your next of kin, he said you died in a car accident last 2 Weeks. He has also submitted his information to receive the draft.

We are writing to confirm before we send the draft to him because we have already told the courier company to stop the shipment and they told us that it will be kept in their Security Vaults hence we will pay their safe keeping fee at the time of need.

I will be happy to hear from you if you are still alive
Yours Sincerely
Mrs Linda Brown

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