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2694. The Office Of The Finacial
Subject: Attn: Beneficiary,

This is to inform you that the Federal Government of Nigeria in collaboration with African Union have decided to favour you after a series of meeting held by our president yaradua with the American counterpart President George W. Bush which he directed our president to ensure that our Government compensate all the foreigners who have been duped or scammed by the African imposters and hoodlums.
Meanwhile, during our investigation we discovered that you are among the victims, and for this invent I was directed to inform you by the Federal Government of Nigeria that you have been compensated with the sum of $5million which a certified bank draft has been issued in your name.
Therefore, you are advised to contact the personal adviser to the president on financial maters Dr. James Edward his Email: you should contact him with your personal data for reconfirmation if you are ready to receive your compensation amount of $5million.
Furthermore, you are advised to co-operate with him to ensure you did not have any delay in receiving the certified bank draft as directed by the Federal Government of Nigeria and remember to ignore every communication from any group or individual regarding your inheritance fund because the scammers and imposters are all over the whole world looking for whom to devour.
Your co-operation and understanding will be very much appreciated by the office.
Yours faithfully,
Mr. Michael robert.
Chief Accountant General of Federation Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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