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2697. Abibe Yala

Dear Friend,

Very Urgent & Confidential

I know you do not know me before, I am Mr. Abibe Yala, younger brother to Mr. Kumba Yala the Ex-President of Guinea-Bissau. I got your contact information during my private search for a reliable and trustworthy person to carry out this urgent transaction with.

In view of the political crisis happening in my country today, I discovered that my brother Mr. Kumba is just trying to impose himself as a leader on his people who are not proud and satisfied with his past administration.

My brother sent me on a mission to South Africa to purchase fire arms which he intend to use in fighting a political war against his opponent so he can become the President again. I am not in support of his intensions but I do not have any other options than to do what he asked me. He provided the sum of US$19,000, 000.00 (Nineteen Million United States Dollars), which we brought into South Africa through diplomatic means. On getting to South Africa, I found out that the person (Mr. Jacob Zuma Ex- Vice President Of South Africa) whom he instructed me to meet for the operation was under government probation for related crime and never want to get himself involved in such deals anymore. Since I have never been in support of my brother's intentions, I made up my mind never to go back to my country (Guinea-Bissau). I want to relocate immediately to a better country especially in the Europe or Asia, where I can have good investment with this money since I cannot stay here in South Africa.

My reason of contacting you is that, I want you to support me as my foreign partner to move the funds and myself out of South Africa as soon as possible. Presently, the funds are deposited as consignment with a depository company here in Johannesburg for safekeeping. I am willing to offer you 40% of the whole money for the inconveniences this will cost you and for your support in this transaction, while the remaining 60% will be for me to setup a profitable investment in your country through your guidance and directions.

As a matter of urgency, please do let me know if you can assist me in handling this transaction and the investment involve.

I anticipate your quick response.

Best Regards.
Mr. Abibe Yala

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