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2726. Bank of America
Subject: Verification Of Your Details
Date: Tuesday, December 18, 2007 12:00 PM

Customer using a laptop for Online Banking Online Banking Alert

Verification of your current details.

Date: 18/12/2007

Dear Valued Customer :

During our regular update and verification of the Bank of America Online Banking Service, we could not verify your current information because you have refused to update your online account. Either your information has been changed or incomplete, as a result your access to use our online services has been limited. Please update your online account information.

To update your online banking access, kindly update your information. You can update your online banking details by clicking following the link below.

Click here to update your account!

Thank you for banking with Bank of America, the industry leader in safe and secure online banking

Bank of America Customer Service

Our paperless statements securely store your statements online for you to view up to 18 months of activity. Learn more.

Because E-Mail Is Not A Secure Form Of Communication, This E-Mail Box Is Not Equipped To Handle Replies.
If you are a Bank of America customer and have sensitive account-related questions, please call the phone number provided on your account statement or the appropriate phone number indicated in the following "Contact Us" link so we can properly verify your identity. For all other questions or comments, please use the Web forms available via Contact Us. We respect your privacy, and you can rest assured that we protect your information, including your email address, and will never sell or share it with marketers outside Bank of America.
To find out more, please read our Privacy Policy. Bank of America E-mail, 6th Floor, 101 North Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC 28255-0001

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