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2745. Williams Morrow
Subject: Personal Enquiry!!

Ref: WM/MTN/233/07
Kind Attention Required

I hope this mail meets you in good time. I am writing from Seattle, WA and will appreciate that you confirm receipt by return mail. Having gone through your profile which informed my contemplation to Enquire in confidence, we can jointly do some genuine and legal Stock transfer trading together based on a Joint Venture.

I have an operative international certified acceptable Medium Term Note Stock (Program), which I was thinking we could work with you to reassign the account to your name, and I assume as so said of you to be powerful in the financial, that after the reassignment, the amount would be transferred to your bank account for investment wise.

The principal amount of the POF is US$150 Million, and I have already worked out modalities to execute the transfer successfully; hence I ask of you to confirm ASAP whether or not you are interested. The BOE is an irrevocable Bank Operative Instrument, which you can use as collateral to bank against a loan immediately we fully reassign to you, which means your bank can even borrow against it. I shall send you evidence of funds which once can still through bank-to-bank confirm existence.

I would appreciate that you get back to me upon receipt of this important mail via ( on your opinion towards a lasting business relationship. I will be here in Seattle for seven (7) days before I return to Accra, Ghana.

Williams Morrow
Bainbridge Island,
Seattle, Washington, 20515
Tel/Fax: +1 (206) 202 0864

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