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2751. James Hedding
Subject: Soliciting For Your Assistance

Dear Sir/Ma,


I am James Hedding from ROGERSVILL, TENNESSEE but based in the U.K and I am
constrained to write you this E-Letter after various inquiries I have made,
regarding transfer of some funds to Taiwan in my importation without going
through raising a Letter of Credit, which has almost limited my imports
at when needed.

I have in my account a total amount of $900,000, and would want to solicit
your assistance in using your Equity Line of Credit Account/ Bank Credit
card account in transferring the funds back to Taiwan, which I donít want to
attract any of the Government taxes, since I have online access to make the
transfer to a trust able partner, hence the funds will go directly to a home
Equity Line of Credit/ Bank Credit card with high limit.

You are not to pay me or send any money as I do not need your money!!!!

We shall negotiate on a reasonable percentage that will be in favor of both
parties. l have also made all necessary arrangement for the successful
transfer of the funds to your said account.

Kindly be aware that we will not use a checking or saving account for this
purpose at restrictions applies here. Pls contact me on this email with the
following details below:

Name: -
Contact Address:

Your prompt response will be appreciated.

Best Regards,
James Hedding

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