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2758. Turkish National Lottery
To: Toothbrush M. Whirled <>
Subject: Xmas Promo!!!

Ziyabey Caddesi 22 Sokak 1
TR-06520 Balgat-Ankara. Turkey.

The Turkish National Lottery which is locally known as the Milli Piyango is happy to announce to you that the owner of this present email address has emerge as one of the newly introduced Digital Lottery Programme which involves the use of email addresses. Milli Piyango is held every 9th, 19th, and 29th of every month. Your e-mail address won you the lottery in the 2nd category and in this category 17 email address came out as winners and you are one of them.

You have been approved to claim a total sum of $785,280.00 (Seven Hundred And Eighty Five Thousand Two Hundred And Eighty U.S. Dollars). This is from a total cash prize of $13,349,760.00(Thirteen Million, Three Hundred And Fourty Nine Thousand Seven Hundred And Sixty U.S. Dollars) shared amongst the (17) lucky winners in this category.

All participants for this programs are selected randomly from over millions of email addresses of users submitted by their service Provider e.g. YAHOO, MSN, AOL e.t.c. So dont be surprised on how we got your email address. It was submitted by your service provider..

Prize Claim Inquiries:
Please Contact our cutomer service center and provide them with your full name and email address so that they can provide you with more informations about how to claim your won prize: Email:

On behalf of me and the staff, we say Congratulations and thank you for being part of an email address user.

Mr. Ihya Bal Ak
Chairman of the Board & General Director

2758b. Milli Piyango
To: Toothbrush M. Whirled <>

Based on the informations you provided you are one of our lucky winner. The Turkish National Lottery ( Milli Piyango) has over 8 Payout center all over the World. This centers are automatically selected to help you in
receiving your lottery Winnings. The available centers are listed below:
Turkey (Ankara)
Egypt (Cairo)
Jordan (Amman)
India (New Delhi)
Nigeria (Abuja)
United KIngdom (London)
Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
Cyprus (Nicosia)
All verifications has been made and your winnings( $785,280.00 (Seven Hundred And Eighty Five Thousand Two Hundred And Eighty U.S. Dollars)) has been released to the Nigeria Pay Out Center. I will like to asure you that you will be paid fully without any subtractions from your winnings whatsoever. I am Mr. Bello Oshodin an agent of Milli Piyango in Nigeria payout center and i will be helping you out in claiming your prize money that you have won in the recent sweeptakes draw.
December 3rd, 2006 The Turkish National Lottery Administration has reportedly announced to the general public that a new lotto game will start in 2007 and i am pleased to announce to as at January 2007 this new evention started and winners from all over the world has emerged. The lottery organisation which was founded July 5th, 1939 has been touching the lives of thousands of people around it environs and just 2005 it made over 700 Million U.S Dollars and they have decided to multiply this by making the lottery program international and the best way to do this was through the email  ballot system lottery programe which started January 2007.
Because you are an international winner we will like you to provide us with the below details so that we may use it to complete the procesing of the needed documents,certificates and checks. They include:
*Full Name:
*Full Address:
We will also like to know how you will like to receive you won prize. We have have made out some suggestions to you below that will guilde you on making decisions on how to receive your winnings within 2-3 working days. 
1.) You can come over to your allocated Prize Payout Center to personally claim your winnings, we will direct you on how to get there by providing you with the  full address and directional maps if thatís okay by you. Please inform me promptly on the details of your arrival so that i can provide you with the needed requirements.
2.) We will have the lottery organisation make out the winnings in a certified bank check and mail it to you via the most suitable courier company here. I will like to inform you that you
will be responsible for the courier fees because no fees will be deducted from your winnings.If you do accept this please let me know.
3.) The winnings will be wired directly to your bank account within 48 hours as soon as you meet up with the transfering Banks Requirement. All legal banking fees with be settled by you.  If you do accept this please let me know so that i may provide you with the details of the bank.
Standing by to hear from you till then i say congratulations on behalf of me and my family. I am indeed glad to have been assigned to be your agent in this payout location.
Best Wishes,
Mr. Bello Oshodin.
Tel: +234 80 736 043 80

Milli Piyango Agent.

2758c. Milli Piyango
To: Toothbrush M. Whirled <>

Dear Toothbrush M. Whirled,
   Good day to you. As soon as i got your email stating that you will like the lottery organisation to make out your winnings in a certified bank check and mail it to you .We enquired from some courier companies that are registered and assigned by our sponsors.
These courier company has also aggreed to sign an agreement with us regarding your check. This was done to ensure that they will assume all responsibilities should incase of inventualities regarding to the document in their possesion because of it nature of sensitivity. Below are the cost and duration of their services:

( DHL 48 hours Express Delivery)


( UPS 48 hours Express Delivery)

Vat (5%)$015.00USD

You are to choose from either of the above the courier company`s that you will like us to use. As soon as we get your responce we will enquire from them the mode of payment they will accept so that you may proceed to payment. They have also told us they will not use the C.O.D (cash on delivery) service because of the insurance that they where forced to pay on this very parcel. 
So i will be expecting your responce so that i can inform you on how to make the payment so that your parcel will be delivered to you within the stipulated date and time of the courier service.

Looking forward to your urgent response.

Best Wishes,
Mr. Bello Oshodin.

Tel: +234 80 736 043 80


Milli Piyango Agent.

2758d. Milli Piyango
To: Toothbrush M. Whirled <>

Dear Toothbrush M. Whirled,
    Good day to you. As soon as i got your email stating that you will like the lottery organisation to transfer your winnings to you via the official transfering bank.We enquired from them what it will take in order to make this transfer work and they instructed us below.
To transfer your winnings to your local account in your country, you will have to follow the banks strict instructions. Your winnings will be wired directly to your bank account in less than 48 hours as soon as you meet with our requirements. To proceed please provide the below informationís to enable the transfer:
Account Number:
Routing Number:
Bank Name:
Bank Address/City/State:
Bank Phone Number:
Account Holders Name:

Please note that, you are to pay for the the bank`s administrative fee of $625
You are required to effect the payment via your local western union agent to the bank's crediting officer with the details below:
Name of reciever: Anthony Osidoro
Address of reciever: No 12 sapele road, Benin City, Edo State. Nigeria

After making the payment you are to scan or fax the payment slip of western union and send it to us so that it will be taken to the bank to enable the crediting officer pick up the money and complete the transfer process. If you do not have a scanner or fax machine provide the below detail as it appears on the payment slip of western union.
Name of
Address of sender:..........
Amount sent:.................
MTCN (money transfer control number):.......
Test Question: Colour
Answer: Blue
I await your cooperate response to enable us proceed. As soon as verification is made by the bank's crediting officer the transfer process will begin.
Best Wishes,
Mr. Bello Oshodin.
Tel: +234 80 736 043 80
Milli Piyango Agent.
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