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2781. Shanghai Toys
Subject: Be our Reliable Commission Agent and Be Part of Us!

Greetings and best wishes to you,

Shanghai Toys Exp./Imp.Co. Ltd China wishes to bring to your notice 
about the job opening of an oversea agent who shall collect and management 
our funds for us.For this purpose we would instruct
on how the funds will be managed.You are welcomed if you wish to fit into 
this position as our agent in your region.

Shanghai Toys Exp./Imp.Co. Ltd. China, have a project at hand to establish 
various mini-market structures in some parts of the Mexico ,America,Canada,
Middle East & Sub Regions in Europe for the purpose of exhibiting our 
goods and services,we shall have you to manage a particular outfit of
ours in your location if you have the qualifications and capabilities.

You will be given the opportunity to negotiate your mode of contract
for which payment for your services will be made, subject to your
satisfaction.Basic payment for services will be:-For the first 180 days,
representatives will receive 10% commission on every transaction processed. 
After the 180days period, commission will increase
to 15% on turnovers collected from our customers.

For more information and further proceedings, please reply with the
following details:-

1).Full name;.............
2).Residential address;...
4).Position held;.........
5).Marital status;........
6).Tel.#(Home & cell);....
7).Fax #;.................

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you in advance.

Yours faithfully,
Mr Cardle Ian
(Director of finance/sales)
Shanghai Toys Exp./Imp.Co. Ltd
139 An Yuan Road Shanghai China
Post Code : 200041
Shanghai Toys Exp./Imp.Co. Ltd
#32 Zhongyang Rd,
Nanjing Jiangsu PR.210008,

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