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2792. Barr Edward A.Cole
Subject: From Barrister Edward A. Cole.


I am Barr. Edward A.Cole, a solicitor at law. I am the personal attorney to Late Mr. Alexander Litvinenko, A Russian ex-Spy in London who was poison with polonium-210 and died on The 23rd of November 2006 at the University College Hospital here in Central London. Before his Death my client made a secret and confidential confession to me that he was poisoned by his Russian Associates.

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Two weeks before his death my client told me that he lodged a consignment worth ($5 million Dollars) in A depository firm in abroad which I cannot disclose to you now but he tagged the consignment to be Photographic materials for export i.e. the Finance Security firm are not enlighten about the content of The consignment. As his personal Attorney I believe that his associates will be coming after me because my Client never told me why they poisoned him rather in his confession he told me not to disclose to anyone (Associates OR Family) about the fund.

Firstly this transaction will require funding, you will be ready to travel and claim the consignment from The security firm and immediate preparation of memorandum agreement that will establish a structural Relationship between us and also spell out your 40% for your assistance and the working conditions for Investment with you in your country, I assure you 100% risk free in this transaction now or in future and Will be no trace of the Transfer.

Barrister Edward A. Cole

NB. Please be informed that this is very confidential and should be a top secret, if you are interested.

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