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2802. Dr Ernest Ebi
Subject: Send In Required Information Immediately

Dear Beneficiary,

Sir, I am Dr Ernest Ebi,Deputy Governor Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN) foreign operations.
I want to inform you about our plan to send your Inheritance Part Payment fund of $15.1musd to you via cash delivery,we consider this system good enough for us to ensure there is no further excuse for not making this payment as planed. THE NEW GOVERNMENT HAS GRANTED,APPROVED AND RELEASED FUND TO OFFSET ALL OVER DUE FOREIGN PAYMENTS IN THIS FISCAL YEAR (2008).
Note:That the money is coming in two(2) security proof boxes,the boxes are sealed with synthetic nylon and padded with machine.
The boxes are coming with a Diplomatic agent who will accompany the boxes to your house address that you will provide.
All you need to do now is to send to me the following information:
(1) Name..........................................
(2) House address.............................
(3) Phone number(s)...........................
The Diplomatic attachee will travel with this required information for the delivery of your fund. He will call you immediately upon his arrival in your country.
Note: The diplomat does not know the original contents of the boxes. What is declared to them as the contents of the boxes is Sensitive Photographic Film Material. We dont let the diplomats know the true contents to avoid disappearance and or extortion of the owner before delivery. If they call you and ask you the contents on their arrival please tell them the same thing(Sensitive Photographic Film Material). In line with the arrangement I will tag a Diplomatic immunity clearance certificate on the boxes to make it stand as a diplomatic consignment, which i will also dispatch along with the security inner Keys of the boxes to enable you access the contents as soon as it is delivered to you.This clearance will make it pass every custom checkpoint without hitch.
You should get back to me immediately with the required Information via my private email address: for immediate conclusion, the boxes are scheduled to be airlifted as soon as I hear from you.

Best Regards,
Dr Ernest Ebi
Deputy Governor Central Bank Of Nigeria.
Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Email contact:

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