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2818. Patrick Kemp

121, Al. Panagouli
& 66, Oreopoulou
P.C. 141 21
Í. Iraklio, Áthens
Ôel.: +30 210 2720000


I am Patrick Kemp, The Manager of a Fabric making manufacturing company based in Greece, Europe.

I am writing you this unsolicited email because our company needs a representative in your country, we just secured a trading pact with your country and before we can set up our office there it will take us sometime.

Presently we have clients who will like to work with us and who we have already started doing business with but for us to be more professional we will need to have a representative who will help us receive payments on behalf of our company.

This is how we hope it works, if you accept to work with us, we will instruct our potential clients who wants to buy goods from us to send you payments because you are our bookkeeper/accountant, the payments might be in form of cash/checks/money orders/wire transfer.

Once you receive payments, you are to have them cashed in your bank,deduct 10% which will be your commission and we will instruct you on how to wire the balance to us.

When we receive our payments, we will them ship the goods to the client.

So if you are interested, send to us the following informations;

Full Name:
Residential Address:
Phone Number:
Marital Status
Bank Name:

Thank you and we hope to have a wonderful working relationship with you.

Patrick Kemp
Manager/Recruitment Director

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