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2835. Health Care Products Limited

Are you currently looking for a job? Do you need a job that you can work at your own convince?This is the job you might be interested in. We are a herbal Doctor from London.We are Supplies of Herbal Medicine to America, Europe, Australia and Asia Continent Am looking for an International representative in United State of America to work for me as a part-time worker or International distributor which wouldn't affect your present state of work.. Rapidly growing 2 year Company which i need people who are self- motivated and want to work. You can make your own schedule and get your money paid. My main factory is located in West Africa where i extract Herbs needed for the manufacturing of Medicine,It is upon this note that i seek your assistance to stand as my representative in your country. Note that, as my representative, you will receive 10% of whatever amount you receive on the company behalf and the balance will be remitted to me.. To facilitate the conclusion of this trans action if accepted, do send me promptly by email your detailed information as stated below

First Name:
Company Background:
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You will be responsible for receiving payments from my Customers. Payments are being made by my customers in Checks or Money orders.I seek the aid of a representative in that region cause of the hassles in having a domiciliary account over there as there are no International bank here.NOTE: It wouldn't cost you any amount,you are to receive payments which will be sent to you through Courier services from my Customers. You are to cash it,deduct our agreement fees of 10% and remit the balance to me via western union money transfer and the western union fees will be deduct from part of my money then you send the balance. As soon as you have the money sent you will have to provide us with the Payment information for pickup...If my proposal pleases you please do get back to me and let me know so i can ask one of my client which is ready to pay me to send you the first payment so will can start from there..I Look forward to your quick reply,you can reply to healthcare_product@excit  Have a good day and stay bless
Richard Young
Health Care Products Limited
59-63 Whitechapel High Street
 London E1 7PF 


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