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2841. Orchard Vale Trust
Subject: GoTranslators - HIV Campaign Translation

Good Day,

Orchard Vale Trust is in search of a good and professional English - French Translator.

My Name is Bob Freebury, CEO, Orchard Vale Trust.

I would be very interested in giving you a Translating Job for Orchard Vale Trust,

Each year 1 child in every 100 will be born with learning disabilities. Of these only a small number will achieve independence, a job and a home of their own. Most will need a lifetime of help and support.

Orchard Vale Trust, a voluntary charitable organization, was founded in 1985 by two families, each of whom had sons with Downs Syndrome.

High quality residential care at this time was in very short supply so they decided to open a home for a group of 16 young people, including their sons, who had all attended the same school in Bristol.

Orchard Vale Trust opened its first home, East Court, in February 1986. The aim was to provide an individually designed program of care to meet the needs of residents with a wide range of learning disability.

Since then Orchard Vale Trust has opened a further 3 homes in Somerset. North croft opened in 1991, St.Chadís House in 1995 and Ferndale in 1998. These homes provide support for a further 15 residents, some of whom would not have found placements elsewhere.

Over the years the Ambition of the company has gone beyond the making homes for people with learning disabilities and literarily extended to rendering helps and supports on humanitarian services pretty much on orphanage homes ,HIV/AIDS campaign, less privileged scholarship and giving proper education on child abuse, sex education and subsidized medication for good health most especially in the developing world.

We are presently interested in translating articles originally written in English Language to French.

Do get back to me so that you can be brief on the article.


Thank You and God Bless.

Bob Freebury,
Orchard Vale Trust,
..........Building a better tomorrow. A member of the UK Registered Charity

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