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2864. Wells Fargo Online Customer Service
Subject: Wells Fargo Alerts: Unauthorizes Account Activity

Dear Valued Customer,

For your security, we are sending this email to confirm changes made to your contact information in the Bill Pay User Profile. At your request, one or more of the following were changed:

Day Phone
Evening Phone

If you did not make this request to change your Bill Pay User Profile, please follow the reference below to stop this changes made to your online account profile.For your security, we have issued this warning.


For your security, you won't be able to gain access to your accounts until you've done this.

Wells Fargo Bill Pay
Online Customer Service: 2001 - 2007

(The privacy and security of your account is our priority. Please send replies, questions and instructions via email from your secure banking session to ensure the fastest response.Please do not reply to this automated message.

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