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2967. Engr.Benjamin Akondo
Subject: From Sudan.


Dear friend,

Good day to you.I sourced your email address from an internet directory.My name is Engr.Benjamin Akondo, the site inspection director with the ministry of works and construction and I worked directly with the Minister in charge of the Ministry here in Republic of Sudan.

I awarded a contract to a firm worth several millions of dollars a few years ago. In the course of executing the project the firm discovered large gold deposit in one of the construction sites. Being the site director I collaborated with the firm in the mining of the gold on a mutual agreement to share the proceeds out of which I got a share of $6.5Million dollars.

As a civil servant in this small war torn country, I cannot introduce this funds into the banking system here considering my meager monthly income as well as the code of conduct guidelines regulating civil service here in my country, Sudan. Presently Sudan is engulfed in a civil crisis and as this crisis intensified by the day, I decided to contact you to take deleivery of the money in cash which i deposited with a diplomatic service here in sudan due to fear of a possible invasion by the government forces at the Diplomatic building where this money is. However,it was deposited as a telegraphic equipment with them,i had to pay a huge amount for the non-inpection tag to make sure the real content of the box was not ascertained.

I am presently hiding in a small border village. I therefore solicit for your co-operation to take delivery of this fund into your custody for any profitable investment that will be mutually beneficial. I will be able to arrange all necessary procedures to ensure smooth movement of this funds until you are in control of it.

Please let me know if you are interested by return mail and also include your full names and contact telephone number to enable me call you though it might be risky leaving this border area to make a call but i will certainly risk it. I will provide you with more information as soon as you indicate appreciable interest to deal and as soon I get to a safe location.

For security reasons pls send your reply to my personal email below:

Engr.Benjamin Akondo
Republic of Sudan.

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