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3001. Finance and Contracting Agency
To: Li Langsam Armstrangel <>
Subject: Regarding part time job proposal! id: 7653

Hi, F. and C. Agency Co seeks good organized, responsible people from England for work as our accounting operator, in link with development of services of our concern and a net of our offices worldwide.

Right now vacancy - Escrow Manager is accessible to our corporation. It is parttime work-from-home. The job opening includes processing funds for our partners (not checks!), set up bank accounts with assured payment systems, administration money flows, generating reports, providing support to our clients.

Position information:
- Flex-time (1-5 hours per day occupation which should include few hours in 9-12 am time period daily excluding Sunday);
- Tryout period: ONE month;
- Learning help and qualified development programs;
- Limitless opportunities for profession escalation;
- Income starting from 1000 gbp monthly excluding payments turnover bonus.

If you are interested, please SEND US YOUR CV to respond to our Staff manager and send us the next information about you:
1. Your Full Name as it appears on your resume:
2. Education:
3. Your Contact Address:
4. Telephone/Fax number:
5. Your mobile contact phone:
6. Your present Employment and Status presently held:
7. Age:

Please respond ASAP and our managers will send additional details on how you can become our representative.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Juta Martinova
HR Manager
Mukusalas Street 41b
ZIP LV 1004


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