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3002. Mr. Kelly Cross
To: Grant Ehlinger Frentzen <>

national lottery
Dear  Grant Ehlinger Frentzen,
Good day to you.
We are pleased to inform you that you have been officially cleared for payment by the verifications Department at the Headquarters of the
UK National Lottery with an ACCREDITATION NUMBER: UKN0021775001.
In line with our procedures, I have been assigned as your fiduciary agent and will be assisting you in accordance with the powers conferred on me by the GAMBLING ACT of the UK.
Your insured draft valued at £1,856,652 (One Million Eight Hundred AND Fifty Six Thousand, Six Hundred and Fifty Two Pound). Has been sent to TNT Courier DELIVERY OFFICE for dispatch to you. Your insured winnings will be delivered to your doorstep by TNT Courier.
This is to  safeguard your funds against mis-appropriation and impersonation  by ensuring that your funds are delivered to you in person. The TNT Courier delivery officials will spend 5 days in your country to enable you cash and change the winnings to your local currency before you will sign for the package as a proof of delivery.
Also, i have sent a copy of your winning file to THE METROPOLITAN POLICE DEPARTMENT in line with the INTERNAL SECURITY POLICY of the UK. 
You are therefore to contact the Head of delivery,Mr. Alex Frank, via the and email telephone  on:
Tel: +44-703-1947-745
Tel: +44-704-5719-067
Tel: +44-703-1907-273
You are to contact him with your Accreditation number:[UKN0021775001], full name, the full address you want your package
 to be delivered to and the particular day of the week you are always at home as your package will only be delivered to you because of the insurance on it. It therefore means that the full value  of your funds must be paid to you and no deductions can be made from your winning funds.
You are also to send a copy of the mail you send to TNT Courier to me for documentation and official record purpose.
You are to keep me updated regarding the progress you make with Mr. Alex Frank on a daily basis, to enable me make up my reports on your funds which will be submitted in the next ADVISORY BOARD meeting coming up shortly.
Sincere regards.
Kelly Cross
You must be 16 or over to play or claim a prize
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