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3027. Tottenham City Adoption & Fostering Agency
Subject: Very Important Information...!

Tottenham City Adoption & Fostering Agency
Shaftesbury House, 992 High Road,
Tottenham N17 0AP

Dear Sir/Madam,

We will love to pass this information to all honest and caring fellows out
there, Willing to foster a 3 and 4yr old Boy & Girl who unfortunately 
lost their
in a fatal auto-crash along st.victoria road in london. We will love 
any good &
honest person to take these kids and show them love.We have pictures 
of the kids
recently snapped and you can talk to them on the phone.

We also understand that they come from a wealthy family and their 
parents wealth
has been estimated to 950,000,000.00 GBP banks worth.So many people 
have come as
their relatives, But we are not sure enough to give them out because of the
inheritance involved.As well the kids are too little to be able to 
identify any
body and suffered minor amessier but have fully recovered now.We need to find
them a totally new environment to get along with, That is why we are 
contacting you.

Please look at the situation of the kids, and if you are interested 
get back to
me with your full names & telephone#, And an agent will respond to you ASAP.

Contact Agent: Karen Smith

May God Bless you as you Consider these wonderful children.

Pastor Thomas Wilke

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