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3037. Dr. Abraham Nwankwo
Subject: Attn: Fund Beneficiary
Send reply to:

Dept Management Office
Tel: +234-8078141212

Attn: Fund Beneficiary.

Forgive this unusual manner of contacting you, but this
particular letter is of exceptional and very private nature. There
is absolutely going to be a great doubt and distrust in your heart
in respect of this email, coupled with the fact that, so many
miscreants have taken possession of the Internet to facilitate
their nefarious deeds, thereby making it extremely difficult
for genuine and legitimate business class persons to get
attention and recognition. There is no way for me to know
whether you will be properly understood, but t is my duty to write
and reach out to you.

We hereby confirmed receipt of part payment of
US$10,000,000.00 dollars only, into our official ESCROW
account by order of the Central Newly Introduced 2008
Settlement Of Debt Scheme (SDS) incharge of Foreign Debt
Recovery Committee on Overdue Contract / Next of Kin
payments in Africa, as indicated in our database.

Following the protest of the International Community, The World
Bank, IMF and the instruction by the newly Ellected President of
Federal Republic of Nigeria that all outstanding forieghn debts
especially next of kin payment should be released to the
benefeciaries forthwith unconditionally.

From the records of outstanding debts due for payment with the
Federal government of Nigeria a common wealth nation your
name was discovered as next on the list of the outstanding, who
have not received their payments.

The 2007 budget has the payment order and you are approved
and schedulded for payment immediately,forthwith and
unconditionally,your funds would hit your account in the next 48
hours as soon as you meet the requirements for the payment.

Kindly provide us with the below information by
Email:( to reconfirm your details in our
database for immediate remittance into your designated
account;We wish to inform you that your payment is being
processed and will be Released to you as soon as you respond
to this letter. Also note that from the record in my file your
outstanding contract payment is us$10 Million dollars(Ten
Million United States Dollars).

We sincerely apologize for the delays and advice you to STOP
any further communication with your associate in any of the
African countries for they contributed 100% hindrances to the
release of your funds. Our final fund release order will reach you
via our operational paying bank for immediate transfer of your
allocation into your designated account upon receipt and official
re-confirmation of your information in our database.

Please re-confirm to me if this is inline with what i have in your
record and also re-confirm to me the

1) Your full name.
2) Phone, fax and mobile #.
3) company name, position and address.
4)profession, age and marital status.
5) Copy of int'l passport,drivers linsense,or any valid ID card.

Contact Email:

As soon as this information's are received, your payment will be
made to you by direct wire transfer to your bank.

Note:We only pay through Direct bank to bank Wire transfer.

Your full co-operation is fully required , as this might be the only
available payment order for the year.

Note: Fund will be retrieved to treasury after ten (10) business
days of this notice.

Yours in service,



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